Return and Refund Policy

A. Cancellation Policy

1. How do I cancel an order?

1.1 Medicines and Healthcare Products

Before it is displayed as "Complete" a pharmaceutical or healthcare product order can be cancelled from the "My Orders" section on the Multimedicos website. Otherwise, you can reject it when it is delivered, in which case a refund will be performed by the Refund Policy.

B. Return Policy

1. What is the time period for the return of orders

1.1 Medicine Orders

Our return policy is dependent on the goods. The return period lasts between 0 and 7 days after the delivery date. On the product page, you can find details on the return policy. Please review the return policy before making any purchases.

1.2 Healthcare Products

There are particular return and replacement policies for all healthcare products. The timeframe is within 0 to 7 days of the delivery date. On the product page, you can find details on the return policy. Check the return policy before placing any order.

2. Which Products are not eligible for Returns?

2.1 Products Not Eligible for Return-

According to the rules provided by all vendors on the platform, the following situations will prevent the products from being returned:

  1. If the product has been damaged, used parts, or opened. When accepting products from the user's delivery agent, the user is highly encouraged to carefully inspect the package;
  2. If the product has been tampered with;
  3. If the product packaging and/or packaging box and/or packaging seal have been tampered with. The user is strongly advised to check the package carefully at the time of acceptance of products by the user from the user’s delivery agent and it is emphasised that the user should not accept the order if the package appears to have tampered;
  4. If the product's non-returnability is noted on the product description page;
  5. The goods don't come with any of the promised extras or attachments;
  6. Any damage or defect that is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty;
  7. The goods lack the original packaging and bonus gifts;
  8. If the product is damaged due to misuse;
  9. Items for personal care, child care, food and nutrition, healthcare equipment, covid essentials including masks and gloves, condoms, pregnancy/fertility kits, and other items like diapers, health drinks, health supplements, glucometers, glucometer strips/lancets, health monitors, etc. Furthermore, we do not accept the return of specific things like diapers, sexual health products, etc. However, the Company will accept returns if the aforementioned products are faulty, defective, or fake, do not possess the qualities or features that were described, or if they are delivered after the scheduled time.

3. Additional Note –

Products with a "Non-Returnable" label on the product detail page or products with a past-due return window cannot be returned. When our partner licensed retail pharmacy examines the returned item, Multimedicos will deny a refund or return of the "Non-Returnable" goods to you if such an item is truly returned along with another returnable item (s).

4. How to Return?

4.1 By taking the following quick actions on the Platform, you can submit a refund request:

  1. You must be logged in to account first.
  2. Navigate to "My Orders" page. Link will be found in left sidebar.
  3. You will see the "Refund" button for the orders which are in "Processing" and "Complete".
  4. Click on button "Refund" which can be seen in right of order. After that you will see the popup.
  5. Choose Yes or No for the "Product is opened".
  6. Describe the issue or fault in the "Faulty or other detail" related box and submit the request.

4.2 Following the completion of your return request, we shall collect the returned items by the following schedules:

  1. Within 24-48 hours following the return request's clearance for local cities*.
  2. From the time the return request was approved, it took 7-10 business days for other cities. Please be aware that based on the agreements of the third-party courier partners, this time frame could be extended.

4.3 Keep the return package prepared and in its original packing, with all of the labels still attached. Additionally, you are urged to retain a duplicate of the seller's invoice or bill on hand for reference.

C. Refund Policy

1. When can I expect the amount to be refunded?

1.1 Please be aware that the refund amount stated at the time of return on the Platform is a rough estimate and will be finalised after verification is complete. Reimbursement of the whole price paid for the products you returned will be started for qualified returns as described above after the pick-up is finished and the product has been verified by the seller.

1.2 A refund will only be started if the vendor has successfully verified the merchandise. Please be aware that the verification procedure could require:

  1. 48 hours from the time of pick-up from your location for local cities*.
  2. 8–10 business days from the date of pick-up from your location for other cities.

1.3 The amount is expected to reflect in your account after the completion of verification from the seller as per the following timelines:

Method of Payment

Refund Timeframe (after successful verification from third-party pharmacy/ vendor)

Method of Payment Refund Timeframe (after successful verification from third-party pharmacy/ vendor)
Cash on Delivery [Note: refunds for cash on delivery orders shall be reflected in your PharmEasy wallet.] 5 business day
NEFT 5-7 business days
Online refund 10-15 business days subject to the bank turnaround time and RBI Guidelines.
Other Wallets 5-7 business days

1.4 You understand and acknowledge that we reserve the right to claim back any refund that has been processed by us as a result of fraudulent activities such as the return of wrong products or the wrong quantity of the products.

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